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  Shandong Fengyi Package Co.,Ltd. is one of China's largest professional manufacturer of plastic packaging products. With nearly 10 years of experience in the production of plastic packaging products, we are a member of China Plastics Packaging Federation.
  The company has 5 sets of advanced extruding machine, 100 sets of loom machine, 3 sets of coating machine, 2 sets of back seam machine, 8 sets of various printing machine, 1 sets of color printing machine, 100 sets of sewing machine, 1 sets of plastic film blasting machine. Annual capacity for all kinds of packaging film used in industry is 800 Tone, Our main products are:

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Circular Cross-corner FIBC
Circular FIBC with Flap Spout
Over-lock FIBC
Baffle and Airproof FIBC
1 loop big bag
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